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Ineon Biotech – Corporate Presentation

All about Ineon Biotech in a nutshell

Discover our team, our vision and what motivated us to develop innovative digital solutions for researchers and HSE professionals.

INEON SAFETY PRO – Ineon’s mobile apps to improve your chemical risk prevention
See what you can do with our smart mobile app in your lab – 01:03

INEON SAFETY PRO – Tuto – How to Access SDS with your mobile?
Improve chemical risk prevention in seconds – 01:11

INEON SAFETY PRO – Ineon Safety Pro as white label
How to use our apps as white label for your lab – 01:03

INEON SAFETY PRO What to do in case of an emergency?
How to improve chemical risk prevention in less than 40 secs  – 00:40

INEON SAFETY PRO Prevent deadly accidents
Ho to prevent chemical risks easily – 00:46