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TV Interview – Ineon Biotech’s teams on B Smart TV set

30 Mar 2021 / Press
TV Interview – Ineon Biotech’s teams on B Smart TV set

Ineon Biotech interviewed on B Smart, an internet channel dedicated to entrepreneurs and their economic issues


We had the pleasure to be invited on March 17th 2021 on the Ecosystem set, for an interview with Thomas Hugues, well known French TV and radio journalist.


On this occasion, Christophe Pierrat, co-founder of Ineon Biotech, and Serge Airiev, Sales Director, discussed the daily challenges faced by researchers today and how the solutions offered by Ineon Biotech meet their needs.


Several elements were discussed on the stage, including the innovative features of Ineon Biotech‘s solutions to facilitate the handling and management of chemical compounds and inventory in laboratories. It is also an opportunity for a young start-up such as Ineon Biotech to strengthen its reputation and confirm its development projects.


Thank you to the B Smart teams for their welcome!


Watch the interview with Christophe Pierrat and Serge Airiev on B Smart’s Ecosystem program

Interview stage of Ineon Biotech on B Smart with Thomas Hugues - March 2021



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by Christophe

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