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The quick installation of Ineon Suite

19 Oct 2022 / Lab Inventory Management
The quick installation of Ineon Suite

You work in a chemistry and biochemistry laboratory and have to manage many compounds, reagents and consumables. But to manage your inventories you still have to enter your data manually. Besides the obvious loss of time, this can also influence the quality of your work. Manual entry can lead to errors in available quantities, incorrect storage locations or duplicate orders…


Would you like to have a tool that saves you time and efficiency? Thanks to Ineon Suite, an intuitive, fast and contactless solution, you will be able to accelerate your daily inventory management.


A solution that can also be easily implemented in your laboratory. Ineon Biotech’s teams will work with you all the way through to ensure that you have an immediately operational, robust solution that meets the functional and budgetary requirements of your laboratory.


Accelerate the management of your lab in just 4 steps


Do you want to gain time and efficiency to manage your stocks and inventories? Ineon Suite can be installed in your laboratory in only 4 simple steps to allow you to be operational quickly.



To understand your environment


  • Our team visits your laboratory to make an initial diagnosis of your work organization and understand the role of each member of your team.
  • We will also assess the overall volume of chemicals (reagents, compounds, etc.) available in your laboratory.
  • A complete inventory of your chemical products and consumables will be carried out by us, in order to prepare the products for the parameterization of our solution.




Activation of the management of the compounds


  • With our team and the laboratory manager, we will set up the first elements to prepare and format your future chemical products database
  • We will then import your data into our software. Our team will take care to verify that the import of your inventory data goes smoothly
  • Then we create all the user profiles and their different access rights




Activation of contactless tools and inventory management by our teams


  • Our teams will then affix an RFID chip to each of your chemical products and write the code containing each chip.
  • We will also configure the tablets to create an access to In eon Suite and to your entire inventory
  • To validate the right configuration, we proceed to several tests in real time on a part of your inventory.
  • Finally, we define for each tablet its precise location in your laboratory and the different sites, taking into account your security constraints.




Support for the handover


  • Our teams train all the administrators and the security manager of your laboratory. We accompany you throughout the handover to ensure proper handling of your tablet.
  • A written documentation will also be provided to each user.
  • We can also organize question and answer sessions with our support teams.



As you can see, installing our Ineon Suite solution in your laboratory is really quick and easy. Once installed, Ineon Suite can be used immediately to accelerate and simplify the management of compounds and stocks and gain real-time visibility on your inventory.

A real time saver to accelerate your research projects.


With Ineon Suite, save time and increase efficiency in your laboratory.


By Christophe

Ineon Suite – Software suite for the management of compounds, inventories, stocks and MSDS of your laboratory

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