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The appointment of Christophe Pierrat as COO and his international projects

02 Nov 2018 / Corporate
The appointment of Christophe Pierrat as COO and his international projects

After 25 years spent in the field of start-ups and the Life-science sector, Christophe PIERRAT has chosen to join Ineon Biotech to develop the activity of intuitive and affordable software publishing.


Graduated of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Christophe began his career by contributing to artificial intelligence projects. He founded IDB Consulting in 1996, a database and Business Intelligence expertise company based in France, California and Canada. In 2009, the company was sold and in 2010 he joined the consulting team of an ESN (Digital Services Company) in which he stayed for 6 years before joining Umanis.


His skills, particularly in strategic development and implementation, are perfectly in line with Ineon Biotech’s ambition to go international, with a focus on Europe, in addition to his expertise of the pharmaceutical industry.


By offering laboratories a software solution that is simple, ergonomic and perfectly adapted to the concrete needs of laboratories, INEON Biotech is a resolutely innovative solution. I was immediately won over by the dynamic and ambitious project. It is a natural part of my career path oriented towards the development of International Business.

Our start-up was recently born at the end of 2017 with the support of BNP and BPI. Our objective is to promote our offer to laboratories of all sizes, whether they operate in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food processing or perfumery.

Our software is simple, ergonomic and cost-effective, and is multi-lingual. We intend to conquer the European market in the short term. We already have good growth prospects with partners such as robot manufacturers.



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