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The safety data sheet: the essential tool to prevent chemical risks

20 Jan 2020 / SDS / MSDS
The safety data sheet: the essential tool to prevent chemical risks

Each safety data sheet (SDS) gathers information regarding risks, protection measures and first aid when using and manipulating chemicals.


They allow any user to know what behavior he has to adopt in case of an incident.


The comprehensive information about chemicals are classified into 16 distinct topics allowing quick access to the necessary information to prevent chemical risks.


The 16 sections that make up a safety data sheet are as follows:

  1. Identification of the substance / mixture and of the provider
  2. Composition / information on ingredients
  3. Hazard identification
  4. First aid
  5. Fire-fighting measures
  6. Measures in case of accidental dispersion
  7. Handling and storage
  8. Exposure control and personal protection
  9. Physical and chemical properties
  10. Stability and reactivity
  11. Toxicological information
  12. Ecological information
  13. Disposal considerations
  14. Transport information
  15. Regulatory information
  16. Other information


Each topic targets a specific category, thus allowing the user to quickly find the section corresponding to the necessary information. Once the information found, the user can act safe and securely!


Read more about each topic in our previous article: The 16 sections of a safety data sheet


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