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The 16 headings of a safety data sheet

12 Aug 2020 / SDS / MSDS
The 16 headings of a safety data sheet

All information to get control of your chemical risk

To comply with standards and help maintain safety in the workplace, it is necessary to have access to up-to-date Material Safety Data Sheets for all your chemicals.

Each Safety Data Sheet is divided into 16 sections, providing you with all the information you may need.


Here is a short presentation of these 16 headings!

1: Identification of the substance/mixture and manufacturer/supplier

  • product identity
  • recommended and not recommended uses
  • information about the supplier who issued the safety data sheet
  • emergency phone number


2: Composition/information on ingredients

  • classification of the substance or mixture
  • label elements


3: Hazard Identification

  • substances
  • mixtures
  • other hazards


4 : First aid

  • description of first aid
  • main symptoms and effects, acute and delayed
  • indications of any immediate medical care and special treatment needed


5: Fire Fighting Measures

  • extinguishing media
  • special hazards resulting from the substance or mixture
  • advice to fire departments


6: Measures to be taken in case of accidental dispersion

  • personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures
  • precautions for the protection of the environment
  • methods of containment and cleaning equipment
  • reference to other sections


7: Handling and storage

  • precautions for safe handling
  • safe storage conditions, including possible incompatibilities
  • special end use(s)


8: Exposure control and personal protection

  • control parameters
  • exposure controls


9 : Physical and chemical properties

  • information on essential physical and chemical properties
  • other information


10 : Stability and reactivity

  • reactivity
  • chemical stability
  • possibility of dangerous reactions
  • conditions to avoid
  • incompatible materials
  • hazardous decomposition products


11 : Toxicological information

  • information on toxicological effects


12 : Ecological information

  • toxicity
  • persistence and degradability
  • bio-accumulation potential
  • mobility in the ground
  • results of PBT and vPvB assessments
  • other adverse effects


13: Disposal Considerations

  • waste treatment methods


14: Transportation Information

  • UN number
  • UN shipping name
  • transport hazard class(es)
  • packing group
  • environmental hazards
  • special precautions to be taken by the user
  • carriage in bulk in accordance with Annex II of the MARPOL Convention and the IBC Code


15: Regulatory Information

  • regulations
  • legislation specific to the substance or mixture in terms of safety, health and environment
  • chemical safety assessment


16 : Other information





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by Bruno

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