SDS Management

An innovative mobile solution to
easily access any Safety Data Sheet!

Ineon Suite includes a dedicated mobile application “Safety Pro” to generate chemical safety sheets without contact.

Designed for laboratories, the Safety Pro app could also be used by EHS professionals to ensure safety and security compliance.

The whole chemical risk prevention process is streamlined and managing your SDS becomes a child’s play.

Innovative Safety Pro app
for a performing SDS Management
Scan any label and find immediately the corresponding Safety Data Sheet

Ineon’s mobile app provides effortless access to the Safety Data Sheet you are looking for.


The app offers 3 advanced search options to instantly find the corresponding sheet by:


  • Scanning the QR code
  • Scanning the CAS number
  • Entering a keyword
Accurate and compliant

Ineon Suite offers access to an accurate and up-to-date SDS database, with more than 500,000 sheets listed in different languages (according to the supplier).


Additional SDS could be add whenever needed and made available within a day.


The guarantee to be compliant with your legal obligation to provide easy and on-going access to accurate security data sheets updated in real-time.

Also adapted for EHS professionals

The Safety Pro mobile app also addresses any industry handling chemicals and allow them to fit EHS expectations:

  • Pharma
  • Agri-Food industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Cleaning companies
  • Painting companies
  • Carriers
  • And each other company handling chemicals


Available as white label, the mobile app could even be customized with your own brand, to integrate your existing safety processes and provide your teams seamless access to a comprehensive and always up-to-date database of Security Data Sheets.

Improve time and efficiency
when managing your Safety Data Sheets
  • Mobile access to any SDS

  • QR code recognition

  • CAS number recognition

  • Compliant SDS database

  • White label app for EHS professionals

  • Fast and easy set-up

Take advantage of
complementary modules
  • Unlock the Potential of your SDS Management!

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