Order Tracking Cockpit

Smart data cockpit to
better understand and
pilot your supply chain!

Ineon Suite integrates now also a smart interactive dashboard to streamline even more your order tracking.


This dashboard compiles all your inventory and purchase data to give you an overview at a glance.


An indispensable tool to streamline your order tracking and inventory management.


Your data combined with our expertise of Business Intelligence
to facilitate your decision making.
Gain insight into your data

Ineon Suite transforms your raw, siloed data into actionable resources with a centralized view of your orders and inventory.


Easily identify your suppliers, the number of orders delivered or in progress, purchase volume, the most purchased products, and much more


The guarantee to streamline purchases, reduce costs and avoid unnecessary orders.


Test our order tracking cockpit right now!


Click underneath on the different gauges and indicators to test the interactions and displays of the dashboard.


If the dashboard does not appear immediately, please wait a few moments until the data is loaded.

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Improve time and efficiency
when managing your product orders
  • Better pilot your order data

  • Streamline purchases and costs

  • Identify most important suppliers and order volume

  • Analyze of any of your data from accounting to inventory

  • Improves decision making on accurate data

  • Fast and personalized set-up

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