Inventory Management

Quick and easy management of
chemicals, stocks and suppliers!

Being unable to perform an experiment due to poor inventory management generally harms your creativity, delays the progress of your research and puts your patience to the test.


The Ineon Suite allows researcher to gain visibility on the availability of compounds and consumables in order to forecast and roll-out projects serenely.


Furthermore, taking control of the supply chain and suppliers, enable labs to better manage expenses and increase productivity.

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Safe and contact-free lab inventory management
to improve planning, fasten execution and save time
Keep control of the amount of compounds available

Ineon Suite makes your chemical inventory management easy and safe thanks to smart mobile scanning features designed to fit laboratories expectations and environments.


Simply scan the RFID tag affixed on each of your products, and get real-time information about the amount of products remaining for your projects.


Once the compound recognized by the software, you can in a few clicks indicate the removed quantity, even when working with gloves. This ensures to relay on accurate product availability updated in real-time.


In addition, Ineon provides personal RFID bracelets linked with dedicated tablets to track precisely which scientific has manipulated which compound in which room. The guarantee to improve planning, fasten realization, while saving time on the roll-out of your projects.

Gain visibility on your suppliers and product orders

When scanning the RFID tag, Ineon Suite provides key information about the supplier for every order and batch:


  • Supplier name and contact information
  • Batch number / product reference
  • Order and delivery date
  • Price and quantity purchased


and about the product:


  • Available/remaining quantity
  • Opening and expiry date
Locate your compounds whenever you need them and never lose track!

When you urgently need a compound to fulfill an experimentation, you need to know immediately where to find them. Improve your visibility on the storage location of your compounds, regardless of the number of compounds and the disparities of localization.


The Ineon Suite allows to identify for each compound and reagent the building, room, cold room or shelf where it is stored.


Customized locations based on your laboratory’s own organization could be added at any time, and even multi-site product loans are possible, to even more adapt to your expectations.

Manage your chemistry equipment in addition to your reagents

Everyday, researchers use a lot of beakers, gloves, pipettes… to carry out their experiments.


Ineon Suite also allows you to manage all your equipment and sort them by name, batch, supplier, quantity and documentation.


An easy way to streamline also your equipment inventory management and to anticipate your orders.



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    Lab Inventory and Compound Management!

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More time, less hassle
  • Real-time visibility on your stocks

  • A unique RFID tag to access instantly all information

  • Contact-free product update and localization

  • Complementary with your existing tools, LIMS and ELN

  • Available on PC and Android tablets

  • User-friendly interface in French & English

Take advantage of
complementary features
  • Unlock the potential of your
    Lab Inventory and Compound Management!

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