Compound Management

Easily identify, access and locate
the reagents or compounds
you are looking for in a few clicks!

When looking for specific reagents or compounds necessary for the next manipulation, quick access to reliable information about reagents’ properties, stock availability and location is essential for researchers.


The Ineon Suite offers an intuitive and user-friendly Compound Management tool to easily identify all your reagents and compounds.


The tool, available in French and English, integrates advanced search features allowing to search for reagents and compounds according to physico-chemical properties, availability, date of order, storage location, and much more…

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Instant access to reliable information about your reagents
thanks to multi-parametric search according to exhaustive criteria
such as structure, location and associated documentation

Get full and instant access to the identity card of your reagents

The Ineon Suite allows to gather all key information of any compounds and reagents present in your laboratory based on the identity card of each compound and the physico-chemical properties of molecules.


  • Stereochemistry
  • ClogP
  • LogS
  • Hdonor
  • Hacceptor
  • Salt
  • Form (powder/liquid)
  • Structure
  • Formula
  • Molecular mass
  • Color
  • Fluorescence
  • Solubility
  • Number of bonds


Shorten access time with multi-parameter search features

Find in a few clicks any reagents or compounds according to comprehensive criteria, physico-chemical properties, location, date of order, etc.


Ineon Suite also offers you the possibility to search compounds even by structure and sub-structure.

Associate any document in the same place

No longer lose time to find the documentation related to a compound or reagent.


Thanks to the Ineon Suite easily add to each of your reagents the relevant documents in the same place.


Easily gather your SDS, documentation, analytical data, bibliographic references and all the available data about each of your compounds whatever the format of your documents: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, JPG, PDF, SDF, etc.

Fast and effortless set-up whatever the size of your laboratory

To save additional time when setting up Ineon Suite in your laboratory, our teams support you to upload your existing data, train your team on the solution and provide technical support when necessary.


Furthermore, the Ineon Suite allows you to complete the identity card and the structure of your reagents present in your laboratory simply by scanning the RFID tag added on each chemical.



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Improve time and efficiency
when managing your compounds

  • Advanced, multi-parameter search features

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface adapted to every scientific user

  • Customization to your specific use and environment

  • Affordable pricing adapted to your number or users

  • Available on PC, mobile and Android tablets

  • Quick and easy cloud-based or on-premise set-up

Take advantage of
complementary features
  • Empower now your Compound Management
    and Lab Inventory Management!

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