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Safety Data Sheets: the essential tool to prevent chemical risks

12 Aug 2020 / SDS / MSDS
Safety Data Sheets: the essential tool to prevent chemical risks

What you should know about Safety Data Sheets

A safety data sheet (SDS or MSDS) is a form gathering all information regarding the properties of a chemical substance. It should be present wherever a hazardous compound is used to prevent chemical risks.


For whom is a safety data sheet intended?

A safety sheet is intended for professionals handling chemicals but also for any regular user: scientists, lab manager, EHS professionals… and anyone working with and manipulating chemicals.


What do you find in an SDS?

An SDS is gathering all necessary information on hazards, protective measures and information on first aid. An SDS must therefore be accurate, precise and complete.


When handling chemicals, there are 3 questions to consider:

  • What are the dangers of using these products?
  • How to protect yourself and preserve the environment?
  • What to do in the case of an incident?


All information is classified under 16 topics, allowing a structured search of information. In the case of an incident, you have to know immediately how to react. It is therefore vital to have quick and easy access to all the information available within the SDS.


Discover Ineon Suite

That is why Ineon Biotech has developed a dedicated mobile feature allowing instant access to over 300,000 up-to-date safety data sheets. An innovative and smart solution to prevent chemical risks whether you’re working in a chemical lab or in any company handling chemicals (food, cosmetics, carrier, cleaning, painting…).




With Ineon Suite powered by Ineon Biotech, access your Safety Data Sheets directly from your tablet.


by Christophe

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