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Resistance of RFID tags through thick and thin

04 Feb 2021 / Lab Inventory Management
Resistance of RFID tags through thick and thin

On a daily basis, researchers handle many chemicals during their experiments. It is therefore essential that they have high-performance tools to help them manage their products. In order to support them and facilitate their handling, Ineon Biotech has developed Ineon Suite.


Ineon Suite is a software suite designed for laboratories and HSE managers, allowing them to easily and efficiently manage compounds, stocks and documents related to chemical risks. Ineon Suite integrates several innovative contact-free functionalities allowing researchers to quickly obtain information on the products they handle.


Use of RFID technology

In order to be able to follow in real time all the manipulations carried out, Ineon Suite takes advantage of the RFID technology, already widely used in industry and logistics.


Thus, Ineon Biotech affixes on each bottle and container of the laboratory an RFID tag directly linked to the software suite via a dedicated tablet. Simply connect to the tablet via an RFID bracelet or even via your laboratory access badge. Then, scan the RFID tag with the tablet to instantly access all the information of the compound, from its composition to its stock and its location in the laboratory.


An innovative contact-free solution, allowing to trace the manipulations and to update in real time the available quantities and the location of your products.


RFID tags that withstand extreme conditions

Within laboratories, not all chemicals are stored in the same place and are subject to very different storage conditions. It is therefore essential to be able to provide solutions adapted to all types of products and to any situation, however extreme it may be.

The RFID technology and the tags that we provide to our customers have been tested by our teams in real-life situations to prove their viability in “hostile environments” which are widely used mostly in biology labs.


-20°C in a freezer for several weeks

We first placed a product with its RFID tag on a biological sample conserved at -20°C. After several weeks, we scanned the RFID tag and our dedicated tablet immediately recognized the RFID tag and identified the solution. The temperature at which the solution was placed therefore had no impact on the reliability of the RFID tag, which remained intact.


-80°C in a freezer for several weeks

Because biological samples are often stored at even lower temperature, we reproduce the same experiment at – 80°C. Thus, we placed a sample with its RFID tag in a freezer at -80°C. Similarly, after several weeks, the tablet immediately recognized the RFID tag and thus identified the solution. The RFID tag once again proved its resistance to cold without any alteration in its contact-free capabilities.


90°C in an autoclave for 4 hours

Because your solutions may have to be sterilized,  it was also necessary to test their resistance to very high temperatures. We placed our product (still equipped with its RFID tag) in an autoclave at 90°C for 4 hours. As for the previous tests, the compound’s RFID scanned was instantly recognized allowing the  connection  to Ineon Suite.


Thus, the RFID tags affixed to the bottles and containers can withstand all types of storage conditions. Whether they are placed under high heat or in extreme cold, they are resistant and don’t lose their effectiveness to access contact-free to all necessary information to conduct your experiments in an optimal manner.


Not yet convinced? Then, watch the video that retraces these three laboratory tests: 

INEON Presents its RFID Technology in Extreme Conditions


In addition, we have conducted several other crash tests to demonstrate the reliability of our RFID tags and their contact-free recognition capabilities with our Ineon Suite software.


To find out more, simply book a demo of our software suite and discover for yourself the efficiency and reliability of our contact-free digital solutions!


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With Ineon Suite, powered by Ineon Biotech, save time and improve efficiency within your laboratory. 

by Christophe

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