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Prevent chemical risks with a white label solution

12 Apr 2021 / SDS / MSDS
Prevent chemical risks with a white label solution

Chemical risks: often unrecognized but present everywhere!


Did you know this? In France, 38% of employees are exposed to chemical risks in their daily work. Many of them are not aware of it and discover it unfortunately only when facing extreme situations.

To avoid any kind of incident when handling chemical products, it is essential to have safety-related documents at hand to know how to act effectively. Moreover, in order to comply with the regulations, these documents must regularly be updated!


Prevent chemical risks with a contact-free mobile app


To improve chemical risk prevention, Ineon Biotech has developed Ineon Safety Pro, a mobile application that allows instant access with a mobile or tablet to all your safety data sheets. Thanks to its integrated smart scanning tool, which enables contact-free recognition and reading of the product’s CAS number, Ineon Safety Pro instantly shows up the corresponding safety data sheet.


Within the application, two other access modes are also available:

  • keyword search
  • barcode / QR code scanning


Whichever mode you choose, the safety data sheet appears immediately, allowing you to react quickly and efficiently in case of an incident.

More than 600,000 up-to-date SDS are already available within the app. And additional SDS can be added on request within 24h.


Ineon Safety Pro is available in French and in English and compatible with any smartphone and tablet. Other language versions are under development.



Why choose a white label solution?


In order to provide adapted solutions to all those who handle chemicals, Ineon Biotech developed this application also as white label.

The white label allows you to take advantage from the entire solution without any mention of Ineon Biotech. Indeed, it is possible to customize the application with your own logo at no extra cost. You benefit from a turnkey and easy-to-use digital solution to complete your chemical risk prevention tools.


The white label is a real alternative for all those who wish to use their own brand. It allows you to:

  • have a branded solution immediately available at no extra cost
  • offer a value-added service to your teams, customers and partners
  • benefit from a mobile user-friendly tool to manage chemical risk prevention
  • relay on advanced and technical support whenever needed


Preventing chemical risks is essential to avoid any kind of incident. And relying on efficient and effective tools is undeniably a significant advantage. So, today you have the choice: opt directly for Ineon Safety Pro or customize the application by adding your own logo and integrating it immediately into your existing range of prevention tools.


Do you want to know more about the benefits of our white label solution? Download now our dedicated product sheet and discover how to easily improve your chemical risk prevention.


download our white label solution brief


With Ineon Safety Pro, powered by Ineon Biotech, save time, improve efficiency and chemical risk prevention.

by Christophe

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