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Manage your MSDS from your mobile with Ineon Safety Pro!

22 Jun 2020 / SDS / MSDS
Manage your MSDS from your mobile with Ineon Safety Pro!

Stop paper. The change is now!


Ineon Safety Pro is a mobile application providing instant access to the safety data sheets of chemicals.


In order to find a product’s safety sheet within the 300,000 accessible via the app, three advanced search methods are available:

  • scan the barcode or QR code of your product
  • scan the CAS number of the product
  • search by keywords


Once done, a list of the corresponding Safety Data Sheets is displayed. Simply click on the one you are looking for.  All details of the MSDS will show-up, giving you full access to the different information.


Each SDS is automatically and regularly updated to guarantee access to always accurate information, compliant with local regulations.

The sheets are available in French and English, according to the manufacturers language. Up to you to select the one you need!


Tip & trick: In the application menu, the tab “My MSDSs” allows you to see all the sheets you have selected previously!


Test now Ineon Safety Pro with our free trial offer!

Easy testing in 3 steps: 1/ register on our dedicated website, 2/ download the app on your mobile or tablet and 3/ access the SDS you are looking for.


Access Free Trial Safety Pro powered by Ineon Biotech



With Safety Pro powered by Ineon Biotech, access 300,000 Safety Data Sheets directly from your mobile or tablet and improve your chemical risk prevention.


by Christophe

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