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[Infographic] Are you familiar with simplified SDS?

23 Nov 2021 / Corporate SDS / MSDS
[Infographic] Are you familiar with simplified SDS?

Are you familiar with sSDS?


You already know perfectly well what a safety data sheet (SDS) is. You already provide your teams with this mandatory document for any company handling chemicals. Associated with each chemical compound, you know that it provides all the necessary information to anticipate and prevent exposure and handling risks.


Of course, the SDS is very useful. But the exhaustive nature of the information it contains can make it tedious to use, especially in the case of an incident, where every minute counts.


So, how can you immediately access the most important safety instructions without wasting unnecessary time? Thanks to a simplified SDS, a one-page summary of all the essential information for handling your compounds safely.


This is why Ineon Biotech now offers you to create simplified safety data sheets (sSDS) from each of your usual SDS! Combined with our contact-free solutions, you guarantee your teams immediate access to safety instructions to react more quickly and effectively in the case of an incident.


Check out our new infographic presenting this brand new feature that will save you precious time and improve safety in the workplace.


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With Ineon Suite, developed by Ineon Biotech, save time and improve efficiency within your laboratory.

by Christophe

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