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[Infographic] How to save time and improve chemical risk prevention?

12 Apr 2021 / SDS / MSDS
[Infographic] How to save time and improve chemical risk prevention?

Chemicals are everywhere: in chemical and biological laboratories, in the cosmetics sector, in the food industry, in transport and in industry… Their handling can cause numerous incidents and be the cause of serious consequences for employees

In order to prevent risks, it is essential to have all safety-related documents at hand. 


We have summarized for you in an infographic all the steps to help you save precious time and improve chemical risk prevention.


Indeed, in many laboratories and workplaces, chemical safety data sheets are still available in paper format and stored in “old-fashioned” binders. Finding the safety data sheets you need is bound to be time consuming. Between finding the right binder, then the right sheet…

Not really a very efficient approach, isn’t it? Especially when you have to act quickly in case of an incident, when every second counts to avoid a disaster. Because finding the SDS of your product is not easy when you have thousands of them! Fortunately, thanks to new technologies and innovative digital tools this could become a child’s play.


A contact-free solution for chemical risk prevention 


To improve chemical risk prevention, Ineon Biotech has powered Ineon Safety Pro. A mobile application allowing contact-free access to all your SDS thanks to the recognition and reading of the CAS number. More than 600,000 up-to-date SDS are already referenced within the app. Two other more traditional access modes are also available: search by keywords and barcode scan.

So, no need to waste time searching for a SDS among all your papers and folders. Simply access in a few seconds the SDS you are looking for directly from your mobile or tablet. And so act quickly! 


To allow you to use our application together with your existing tools in a more fluid way, Ineon Safety Pro is now available as white label. Benefit from the full use of the application with your own logo


Whatever your field of activity (chemistry, biology, cosmetics, food, industry…) and your tasks (safety manager, HSE, researcher…), this application :

  • is easy to use
  • time-saving  
  • and improves the safety of your teams and employees when they have to handle chemicals!


Still not convinced? Take a look at our infographic and the advantages of using Ineon Safety Pro to improve chemical risk prevention! Available in English and French, choose the version you prefer: 


download the English version of the infographic download the French version of the infographic


Ineon Safety Pro, powered by Ineon Biotech, increases chemical risk prevention simply with your mobile.

by Christophe

Ineon Biotech – Compound, Lab Inventory & SDS Management Software Suite

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