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[Infographic] How to improve your inventory management?

26 May 2021 / Lab Inventory Management
[Infographic] How to improve your inventory management?

During research projects, researchers handle numerous chemical and biological compounds, consumables and glassware. To ensure the sustainability of their experiments, they must be able to find quickly their products in their laboratory. And to avoid shortages, they need to be able to anticipate their orders easily. 


Discover in our infographic, the way how many labs still work, and how they could be more efficient with digital tools like Ineon Suite.


The digital transition of laboratories


In many laboratories, stock management is still done in a “home-made” way, based on tremendous email exchanges in all directions… Between “we should order this“, “did we receive that product“, “does anyone remember receiving that?” and “where is it stored in the lab“, leading to many misunderstandings. The result? Duplicate orders and a lot of time wasted trying to find the product in the laboratory.


Thanks to the emergence of digital and new technologies, researchers now have access to many smart digital tools to facilitate inventory management. The guarantee to gain visibility on their stocks and save time when searching for products in their laboratory


A contact-free solution for inventory management


In order to optimize inventory management and to follow in real time the evolution of stocks, INEON Biotech has developed Ineon Suite: a software suite allowing to trace all manipulations thanks to contact-free functionalities. Advanced RFID technology provides on your tablet real-time information about the location and status of your products and stocks. A reliable solution to anticipate your orders and ensure the sustainability of your research projects.


To ease inventory management even when you are wearing gloves, Ineon Suite could be activated thanks to a bracelet which connects contact-free the tablet with the software.


Ineon Suite allows you to : 


  • Follow in real time the evolution of your stocks 
  • Update your inventory
  • Instantly access the location of your products 
  • Save precious time and efficiency 


Don’t waste time manually searching for your compounds in your laboratory, access accurate and up-to-date information from your tablet.


You want to develop your tools to optimize your inventory management

Have a look at our infographic to discover the advantages offered by Ineon Suite.


Available in English and French, download the version you prefer:


download the English version of the infographic download the French version of the infographic



With Ineon Suite, powered by Ineon Biotech, optimize inventory management with contact-free digital tools. 


by Christophe

Ineon Biotech – Compound, Lab Inventory & SDS Management Software Suite


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