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Why is Ineon Suite complementary to LIMS?

19 Sep 2022 / Lab Inventory Management
Why is Ineon Suite complementary to LIMS?

To speed up the work of researchers, it is essential to be able to optimize the collection, transmission and analysis of data and thus facilitate the execution of certain tedious tasks.


Today, many laboratories already use software solutions, such as LIMS, to optimize their daily management. Discover here why and how our Ineon Suite software interfaces perfectly with your existing tools to accelerate their performance.



What is a LIMS and why use them?

A LIMS, or Laboratory Information Management System, is professional software that manages all the processes of a research, medical analysis or any other type of laboratory. It automates and streamlines the collection of information and the management of specific tasks within the laboratory.


LIMS are designed to support predefined and regulated workflows within a laboratory. They are specifically designed to facilitate the tracking of samples and information associated with the samples, from their entry into the laboratory to the final report, including the experiment.


Ineon Suite: a complementary tool to LIMS

To support researchers in their projects and facilitate their daily work, Ineon Biotech has developed Ineon Suite: a software suite designed for chemists, biologists, directors of cosmetology or industrial laboratories, etc.


It provides faster and simpler access to all the data available on your compounds, stocks and even your SDS for easier daily management.


LIMS & Ineon Suite: the winning combo

Although there are different characteristics between these two management software, they are perfectly complementary. A LIMS focuses on tasks dispatch and workflow management, while Ineon Suite accelerates the performance of your LIMS by streamlining your data to facilitate inventory, compound and chemical risk management.


Combined, the two solutions, Ineon Suite and LIMS, together improve the overall workflows and process management within your laboratory. Especially since Ineon Suite can be installed in just a few weeks within your laboratory, and this for an affordable budget.


Accelerate the management of compounds and reagents

While LIMS can streamline the organization and distribution of tasks, they follow predefined workflows and therefore require perfectly structured data to be truly effective.


Ineon Suite allows you to centralize all the key data of each compound and reagent present in your laboratory, from its composition to the associated documentation, while facilitating access to this information. Combined with the data generated via a LIMS, you will have global access to all the data available.


Facilitate the management of chemical and consumable stocks

The Ineon Suite also facilitates the lab inventory management, in real time and contact-free thanks to RFID ships connected to a tablet. Affixed to each container, the RFID tags are perfectly resistant to high and low temperatures and even liquid splashes, and therefore suffer no deterioration over time, unlike the simple barcodes generally used with LIMS. By adding this contact-free feature, your LIMS will become even more efficient.


In addition, the reading of the RFID makes it possible to locate and identify for each compound its place of storage in a precise way: the building, the room, the cold room or the shelf and this even when the stock is distributed on one or more sites. And, Ineon Suite also provides one-click access to the SDS for each compound.


However, the storage location and the SDS are usually not accessible with a LIMS. Ineon Suite thus offers an additional advantage and better visibility on your stocks.



Gain visibility with the Monitoring Cockpit

LIMS interfaces can sometimes be very complex and their handling tedious for the teams on site. Therefore, Ineon Suite now also includes an intelligent interactive dashboard that centralizes all the data available in your laboratory, and in particular the data relating to orders and stocks of your chemical products.


This cockpit will also centralize the data generated via a LIMS to allow you to have a better overview of your data and thus to better identify the main masses and trends. An essential feature for a better understanding and control of your data and compounds.


Go further

As you can see, by combining Ineon Suite and your LIMS, you can accelerate the daily management of your laboratory. Would you like to know more about how to combine these two software solutions? Contact us or ask for a 15-minutes online demonstration.


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With Ineon Suite, developed by Ineon Biotech, save time and improve efficiency within your laboratory.

by Christophe

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