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Why Ineon Suite could be an alternative to LIMS?

28 Jul 2021 / Lab Inventory Management SDS / MSDS
Why Ineon Suite could be an alternative to LIMS?

To speed up the work of researchers, it is essential to be able to facilitate the collection and transmission of data and the execution of certain time-consuming tasks.


Today, there are many IT solutions that integrate different modules and each of them responds to a specific problem that researchers face during their research projects.


What is a LIMS and why use them?

A LIMS, or Laboratory Information Management System, is a professional software that manages all the processes of a research, medical analysis or any other type of laboratory. It allows to automate and rationalize the collection of information and the management of specific tasks within a laboratory.


LIMS are designed to support predefined and regulated workflows within a laboratory. They are specifically designed to facilitate the tracking of samples and the information associated with the samples from the time they enter the laboratory through experimentation to the final report.


While LIMS can streamline the organization and distribution of tasks, they follow predefined workflows and therefore require perfectly structured data to be truly effective. Their interfaces can sometimes be very complex and the handling tedious for the teams on site.


INEON Suite: an alternative to LIMS

To support researchers in their projects and simplify their daily work, Ineon Biotech has developed Ineon Suite: a software suite for chemists and biologists. Specialized in the management of stocks, compounds and chemical risks, this software suite allows access in real time to reliable and updated information on all products as well as their location within the site.


Compound management

Ineon Suite provides easy access to all information on compounds, down to the molecule. For each compound, it is also possible to associate all types of useful documents.


Inventory management

Inventory management is a step that requires precision and rigor. Ineon Suite facilitates this task by using RFID for contact-free management. Affixed to each container, the RFID chips are available in several sizes to adapt to each container.


They also have the advantage of being resistant to high and low temperatures and liquid splashes, and therefore do not suffer from any deterioration over time, unlike simple barcodes for example. RFID chips also make it possible to easily locate any compound on one or more sites.


Chemical risk management

The Ineon Safety Pro mobile application developed by Ineon Biotech and which completes the software suite, allows any person handling a chemical product to consult the precautions to be taken when handling and storing them, and also what to do in case of emergency.


The application offers intuitive, reliable and instant access to the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) edited by the suppliers. Its particularity is to integrate contact-free functionalities from a tablet or a smartphone to read and recognize the CAS code present on each container. This is an essential asset when information must be accessed quickly in the event of an incident.


LIMS vs Ineon Suite comparison

Comparision LIMS vs Ineon Suite


Although there are common features between these two laboratory software, they are different. LIMS specializes in task allocation and workflow management, while Ineon Suite streamlines inventory, compound and chemical risk management.


Both solutions, Ineon Suite and LIMS, can nevertheless be used in a complementary way to simplify the global management of processes during research projects.


Want to know more about how to combine your LIMS with Ineon Suite?

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With Ineon Suite, developed by Ineon Biotech, save time and improve efficiency within your laboratory.

by Christophe

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