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Ineon in the spotlight!

15 Oct 2018 / Press
Ineon in the spotlight!

Opinion pieces – Le Journal du Net and L’Usine Nouvelle


Bruno Sargueil, Ineon Biotech‘s CSO and Scientific Advisor, recently commented the major issues regarding the use of increasing research data  in two opinion pieces published in two major French media, L’Usine Nouvelle, and Journal du Net. A fresh look at crucial issues! A great way to show the adequacy of our products with the concrete problems of researchers.

A small extract of the article?

Data volume explosion in fundamental research and R&D in biology: it is urgent to rethink their storage and organization and to look into the confidentiality of your data!


In fundamental research and R&D in biology, the need for cross-functionality linked to the reorganization of the different stages of a discovery process requires a complete rethinking of data architecture. In particular, the problems of securing, storing and organizing all this data.

The data may concern laboratories, all research partners and subcontractors, those subject to industrial property rights or those concerning company employees. In all cases, it is important to take into account the different types of data and to define their level of confidentiality. Structured data are those integrated into a database and uniquely identified; the others are in text editors, spreadsheets or any other software. They require indexing by search engines.


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To read Bruno Sargueil‘s entire interview on these highly critical issues for laboratories, click on the logos according to the media of your choice! You will be automatically redirected to the articles.


article in the journal du net on ineon biotech


article on ineon biotech in usine nouvelle


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