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Ineon Biotech’s expansion plans

04 May 2020 / Corporate
Ineon Biotech’s expansion plans

Since this summer, Ineon Biotech has redesigned its offer within a single solution “Ineon Suite” designed for laboratories and HSE professionals, to meet their needs regarding compound, inventory and SDS management.


With a single final objective: confirm Ineon’s expertise on the French market and open up to the international market, and in particular Spain.


Why choose Spain?


Many factors convinced the Ineon Biotech team to focus on Spain. First of all, Spanish scientific research is recognized worldwide for its achievements in the medical, ecological and even technological domains.

Furthermore, the Spanish academic laboratories are very close to the French ones. Within the laboratories, the structure, organization and issues encountered by researchers are similar to those of the French market. Thus, they are constantly looking for new solutions and tools to develop, streamline and support their projects. Ineon Biotech’s solutions fit therefore perfectly the expectations of the Spanish market.


Adapting products to the Spanish market


A second reason for this focus on Spain, is because of the language. Indeed, Spanish language is a very widespread language. With more than 405 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. 30 countries speak this language. By targeting the Spanish market, Ineon Biotech will also be able to move towards the Spanish-speaking market and open up to Latin America. 


Therefore, Ineon Biotech has adapted its suite and offers today the possibility to choose the display language of the software between French, English and also Spanish.


Other European languages are in preparation, such as German, to be able also to launch in Germany and Switzerland. 


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by Christophe

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