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Ineon Biotech winner of the Innovation Award

28 Oct 2019 / Press
Ineon Biotech winner of the Innovation Award

14 companies were rewarded as part of the Préventica Innovation Award for their innovations and their involvement in the evolution of work environments.

Click on the link  below to access the list of Innovation Award winners.


During this event, Ineon Biotech was able to show its latest novelty: Ineon Safety Pro. Ineon Safety Pro is a mobile application allowing to access and manage more than 500,000 updated safety data sheets from a mobile or tablet. This application offers 3 modes of access to the SDS:

a contact-free access thanks to the recognition of the CAS number. In case of an incident, simply scan the CAS code, the application immediately recognizes it and generates the safety data sheet corresponding to the product.

– the scan of the barcode or qr product code

– or a classic search mode based on keywords

Available on App Store or Google Play, this application is usable in French and English. Allowing a real gain in time and an increase in efficiency, it allows you to act quickly in case of an incident. No more need to panic, no more paper, all the data is gathered within the application.

It is thanks to this application that Ineon Biotech was awarded a prize at the Préventica trade show in Marseille. A great reward for an innovative and practical application!


Ineon Biotech, allows you to manage your safety data sheets from a tablet in an innovative and contact-free way.

by Christophe

Ineon Biotech – Compound and Lab Inventory Software Suite

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