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INEON Biotech ForumLabo living in Paris in 2019

13 May 2019 / Press
INEON Biotech ForumLabo living in Paris in 2019

In the spotlight of ForumLabo 2019…


Ineon Biotech presents its innovative software solution in SaaS mode to optimize the management of chemicals within a laboratory.
Objective: revolutionize the daily life of researchers!


Startup specialized in software publishing for research laboratories, INEON BIOTECH presented at Forum Labo 2019 its innovative solution in SaaS mode, resolutely user-oriented. Ineon Suite is the result of collaboration between researchers and IT specialists in knowledge, big data and digital transformation.

Focus on INEON Biotech, its team, its software solution, and its innovative feature developed to manage your compounds and lab inventory.


INEON Biotech: the French start-up that simplifies the work of laboratories

INEON Biotech S.A.S., a start-up specialized in software publishing, develops innovative solutions for laboratories in SAAS mode, resolutely intuitive, for the management of compounds, stocks and their location. It is the result of the cross-fertilization and complementary skills of Bruno SARGUEIL, PhD, scientific consultant and research director at the CNRS, Fabien RICO, CEO of A3IS (acquired by Blue Soft Group in 2015) and Thierry BOCCARA, co-president of Blue Soft Group.


In academic laboratories as well as in startups, the most used solution to manage stocks is still Excel. Many researchers waste valuable time searching for reagents, unknowing the status of their inventory or when preparing a budget. It is clear that the current solutions do not meet the needs in the field anymore. This is why we have developed Ineon Suite,” said Bruno SARGUEIL, scientific advisor for Ineon Biotech.

Created in December 2017 thanks to the association of private investors and BNP Paribas Développement, the company has received the support of BPI France and has already successfully completed a first round of funding of more than €1.5 million. It also obtained accreditation from the French Biotech network at the end of 2018 and was selected among five other innovative healthcare startups to participate in the French Tech Tour Israel 2018.


These are all advances that confirm our position as a publisher at odds with the competition. Our strategy of offering simple, inexpensive and innovative products is in line with the market of biotech companies, CROs and academic laboratories,” explains Christophe PIERRAT, Ineon Biotech’s COO.


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For more information on the innovative solutions developed by Ineon Biotech for the management of chemicals, inventories and safety data sheets, contact us.


No more paper, manage your chemicals, inventory and safety data sheets from your PC or tablet! 


by Christophe

Ineon Biotech – Compound and Lab Inventory Software Suite

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