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14 May 2019 / Press

INEON BIOTECH AND SYNTIVIA develop a cosmetic research management software


Ineon Biotech and SYNTIVIA announce a collaboration to develop a software to manage libraries and stocks of active ingredients for cosmetic research laboratories. This project will enable users to benefit from a simple solution that meets their needs for managing their compound libraries.


SYNTIVIA, a Toulouse-based company created in 2010 and located on the Oncopole site at the heart of life sciences research, uses the latest scientific advances to develop innovative and effective cosmetic active ingredients. The company has extensive expertise in cosmetic biology, high-tech equipment and in-depth knowledge of the market. It uses its skills to meet the latest cosmetic trends and regulatory requirements in this sector and develops products that meet market needs in terms of innovation, efficacy and safety.

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A new way to manage chemicals, inventory and safety data sheets with Ineon Biotech.

by Christophe

Ineon Biotech – Compound and Lab Inventory Software Suite

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