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Ineon Biotech: a unique tool to manage your chemical library

11 Mar 2019 / Press
Ineon Biotech: a unique tool to manage your chemical library

Ineon Biotech provides a solution for managing chemical libraries.

Thierry BOCCARA, President of INEON and Bruno SARGUEIL recently gave interviews to Industrie mag, My French Startup and EDP Biologie about Ineon Biotech’s chemical library management software solution.

What are the articles about?


Industrie mag

Rupture 1: An ergonomic SaaS solution designed with the user in mind.

Ineon Biotech has developed a SaaS solution resolutely user-oriented. Efforts have been focused on the central topics: management of compounds, stocks and their location.


The application, in cloud mode, allows complete management of the chemical library. Connected and synchronized directly with advanced scanning feature, Ineon Biotech ensures traceability of operations without risk of human error while remaining simple, unlike competing compounds and data management software.

My French Startup

Ineon Biotech accelerates your R&D on molecules by optimizing the management of your compound collection and your projects. Whether it is carried out internally or with external partners, the Ineon Biotech software centralizes all the data and flows related to each molecule in the collection of the laboratory and its partners. Developed in collaboration with a researcher, Ineon Biotech integrates information relating to the logistics, physico-chemistry and structure of each compound.

EDP Biologie

The startup has already convinced private and institutional investors such as BNP Développement and received the support of BPI. In total, a fund raising of more than 1.5 million euros has enabled it to buy back the basic software and give itself the means to match its ambitions.

Want to know more?

To read the three articles, click on the logos of your choice! You can also find the interviews of Thierry BOCCARA and Bruno SARGUEIL.


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Ineon Suite: an ergonomic digital solution designed for the user focused on issues related to the management of compounds, stocks and their location.


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Ineon Biotech – Compound and Lab Inventory Software Suite


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