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The unavoidable Inventory Management within the laboratories

15 Mar 2021 / Lab Inventory Management
The unavoidable Inventory Management within the laboratories

The necessity to improve your inventory management


In laboratories, everyday researchers face material contingencies and organizational constraints, which are essential to the success of their projects.


In order to work in a productive environment and carry out experiment efficiently, they must be able to:

  • Easily locate all the reagents required for their experiments on the laboratories’ shelfs
  • Anticipate their stocks to ensure seamless roll out of their experiment
  • Quickly act in case of an incident by having the safety documents at hand
  • Track and plan expenses to be able to give estimates


Inventory management: issues and challenges

To carry out experiments, inventory management must be precise and rigorous. Even if this is considered as a tedious task, it is crucial that your inventory stays up-to-date in order not to impact the roll-out of your projects. 


In many laboratories, inventory management is still performed in spreadsheets or even manually. While this is feasible, it becomes difficult to maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory to be shared within a team or even an institute. In many cases, this leads to frustrating situations when figuring, in the middle of an experiment, that an essential chemical compound is missing, exhausted or not stored in the right place. These errors can lead to additional costs that were not initially anticipated. 


Digitization to avoid human errors

With the emergence of new technologies, researchers now have access to new digital tools streamlining their research process. These tools are designed to avoid human errors and to ensure a high level of accuracy in the data collected.


Furthermore, researchers are looking for reliable traceability of the compounds and an optimized management of their stocks. Ineon Suite has precisely been developed to answer these expectations.


Ineon Biotech software suite allows easy management of compounds, stocks and safety data sheets directly from a mobile, tablet or computer. 


Wherever and whenever researchers are, Ineon Suite allows them to: 

  • Access exact and updated information in real time on their products
  • Anticipate their stocks so they don’t run out of products 
  • Manage safety-related documents


Ineon Suite uses advanced RFID technology to trace products and to manage chemical compounds in real time. From a simple tablet or smartphone, access and manage all the information recorded on the RFID chips (affixed to each container). Simply indicate via the tablet the quantity of product withdrawn to automatically update the stock and the information on the chip. For each compound, also access and manage expiry dates, open orders, supplier details, and even the corresponding SDS. Consumables and glassware can also be managed via the software. 


The guarantee to easily access accurate and reliable information on your products without wasting time and improving efficiency when managing your projects.


Would you like to optimize your inventory management while saving time? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your research process? Are you looking for an efficient and affordable digital solution for your laboratory


Ask us for a demonstration of our software now! The opportunity to experience in less than 30 minutes all the advantages offered by the Ineon Suite software. Many laboratories already trust us, so why not you!


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With Ineon Suite, powered by Ineon Biotech, save time and improve efficiency within your laboratory. 

by Christophe

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