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Faster. Better. Stronger. – Accelerate chemical risk prevention

08 Nov 2021 / SDS / MSDS
Faster. Better. Stronger. – Accelerate chemical risk prevention

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?


The Safety Data Sheet (SDS or MSDS) is a mandatory document for any company handling chemical or hazardous products. It must be provided by each manufacturer or distributor in the customer’s language. The SDS includes all the chemical properties of each substance or compound. It provides essential information to ensure the safety of employees and prevent risks related to exposure, handling, and storage of chemicals.


Thus, when an employee has to handle chemicals, the SDS makes it possible to access the safety instructions and to inform the user of the risks and dangers.


Ineon Biotech provides a software suite, Ineon Suite, to optimize your compound management. It integrates advanced applications and functionalities for instant and contact-free access to your MSDS, simply by scanning an RFID chip.


How to make these SDS even more relevant to your users?


An SDS is a comprehensive and content-rich document, usually including several pages. Finding the right information can be complex and often requires time and experience. In the event of an incident, precious minutes can be lost before you know how to react effectively.


For a better understanding and to speed up data access, Ineon Biotech now also provides its customers “simplified” safety data sheets (sSDS).


Generated directly from your existing safety data sheets, these sSDS summarize on one page all necessary information to handle your compounds. Having at your disposal this summary of critical information allows you to access the right preventive actions even more quickly.


Simplified safety data sheets by Ineon Biotech

The information usually included within an sSDS is:

  • Hazard statements
  • Pictograms
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Precautionary advice
  • Risks and safety advice
  • Storage instructions
  • Information on reprocessing and environmental risks
  • First aid procedures
  • Labelling
  • Product composition


Each company can customize the information it wishes to include on its sSDS according to its needs and work organization. Ineon Biotech systematically adapts to your needs and uses, in order to make these sSDS valuable and efficient for your users.


Do you want to make it easier to understand the safety instructions? Do you want to speed up risk prevention?


Ask us to create or adapt your sSDS to access relevant documents and meet workplace safety requirements.


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With Ineon Suite, developed by Ineon Biotech, save time and improve efficiency within your laboratory.

by Christophe

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