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Contactless solutions in the chemical laboratory

30 Dec 2022 / Lab Inventory Management
Contactless solutions in the chemical laboratory

Contact-free solutions in the chemistry lab are becoming increasingly popular lately, due to their ability to minimize contamination risks and improve the safety of lab workers.

Current contact-free solutions


There are several types of contact-free solutions that can be used in the chemistry lab. One of the most common is the use of robots to perform certain tasks that usually require human intervention, such as handling hazardous chemicals or preparing solutions. Robots can be programmed to follow specific instructions and repeat actions precisely, which can reduce human error and minimize the risk of contamination.


Another type of non-contact solution is the use of automated pipetting systems. These systems allow precise volumes of chemicals to be pipetted without the need to handle containers or pipetting instruments manually. This can be particularly useful for chemicals that are difficult to handle or are toxic or radioactive.


There are also fully automated laboratory systems that can be used to perform chemistry experiments without human contact. These systems are programmed to follow a specific protocol and can include robots for chemical handling, automated pipetting systems, and automated measurement equipment.



The benefits of non-contact solutions for chemical laboratories


By using non-contact solutions, chemistry labs can improve the safety of their workers and reduce the risk of chemical contamination.


However, it is important to note that these solutions often require a significant initial investment and can be costly to maintain. In addition, they are not always suitable for all situations and may require specialized training to be used effectively.


In summary, contact-free solutions in the chemical laboratory can be a useful option for improving safety and reducing the risk of contamination, but they require adequate investment and training.


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