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Christophe Pierrat interviewed by “Guide Pharma Santé”

17 Oct 2022 / Press
Christophe Pierrat interviewed by “Guide Pharma Santé”

We had the pleasure to be interviewed by Le Guide Pharma Santé, a paper and online guide, published by the Profession Santé Group since 1985. This guide brings together all the information on markets and professions, and the contact points of the players in the world of medicine.


This was the opportunity for Christophe Pierrat, COO and co-founder of Ineon Biotech, to present the different functionalities of Ineon Suite allowing the traceability and security of operations within laboratories.


Numerous topics were discussed during this meeting, such as the reinforcement of safety in laboratories when handling chemicals and the need to facilitate the inventory and access to safety information such as safety data sheets (SDS).


Ineon Biotech has developed its solution to meet the needs of scientists and to offer laboratories an intuitive, simple, fast and secure management tool. It also integrates innovative functionalities allowing a personalized and contactless access from an RFID tablet for a simplified inventory and a real time stock management. The objective is to avoid manual data entry, which can lead to errors in their data or inventories.


Another great opportunity for Christophe Pierrat to present Ineon Biotech and its future projects


To read the full interview on the Guide Pharma Santé website:


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With Ineon Suite, developed by Ineon Biotech, save time and efficiency in your laboratory when handling compounds and chemicals.


Ineon Biotech – Compound, laboratory inventory and MSDS management software suite

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