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Just one drop is enough… to make “kaboum”!

24 Nov 2020 / SDS / MSDS
Just one drop is enough… to make “kaboum”!

The risk of explosion


The explosion is generally the most destructive phenomenon because of its speed and location. Indeed, if it takes place in a laboratory, surrounded by chemicals, the consequences can only increase significantly by making domino effects (like the explosion that took place in Lebanon lately).


Having recently been given a new look with a white background and red frame, the explosion pictogram has logically as its symbol a bomb that explodes. This pictogram may be found on two classes of compounds essentially: self-reactive substances and organic peroxides. These chemicals can explode on contact with a flame, spark, static electricity, heat or shock, friction…


The measures to take


During use, handling and storage of these products must be done under controlled conditions. The measures to be taken are of 3 orders:


    • Suppress any release of dust, vapours or gases to prevent the formation of detonating mixtures with air by means of suitable ventilation and collection systems.


    • Eliminate nearby sources of ignition such as open flames, incandescent materials, or static discharges (this list is not exhaustive).


    • Avoid the presence of substances that can form explosive combinations (sodium and water…).


Explosive products may also cause other health hazards (acute toxicity, skin irritation, carcinogenicity…) or other physical hazards such as metal corrosion.


Smart solutions


It is therefore important that anyone using these compounds is trained and aware of the hazards. Furthermore, in case of doubt, it is essential to be able to instantly access MSDS for each product.


With Ineon Suite, you can now access your SDS in 1 clic, simply by scanning the QR code. Thus, you save precious time when you are confronted with an emergency and need to react without delay. And in these cases, a few seconds could save lives…


Want to learn more about how to have all MSDS at your fingertips? Download our latest solution brief now!


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by Christophe

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