• About Us

    INEON Biotech is a result of a collaboration between a scientist and developers


    The project INEON Biotech takes its origins in 2005. Bruno Sargueil, PhD was a consultant for Cytomics Pharmaceuticals, a Drug Discovery company aiming to isolate new molecules modulating the Ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. Drug candidates were discovered using High Throughput Screening technique.

    Cytomics needed to manage all compounds of their libraries, stocks and different projects at the same time. Every tools on the market at this time weren’t satisfying for multiple reasons. They weren’t clearly defined and very expensive. They were hard to set up and required a lot of maintenance. Finally, they weren’t directly connected to the information system of the lab, causing real traceability issues.


    In association with Fabien Rico, a friend and CEO of the company A3IS (acquired by BLUE SOFT GROUP in 2015), they decided to develop and new tool adapted to the activity needs.

    This project required 3 000 man days for the conception, development, test phase and production launch. Based on the profession expertise, the time-saving software has a simple and intuitive interface. It is in direct interaction with robotic platform of the laboratory, providing a complete traceability.


    In 2017, Fabien Rico and Bruno Sargueil noted that even if Screening techniques evolved, market needs for an intuitive software able to manage compound libraries and drug development project were still present. They associated with Thierry Boccara, co-president of BLUE SOFT GROUP and Valentin Beuchillot, a young Biotechnology engineer-entrepreneur to start the company INEON Biotech.

    The team redesigned the software to fit with computers and Drug Discovery process evolutions. The new version of the software is more modern, more flexible and interface with every tools on the market, creating an essential collaborative tool.

  • The Team

    Thierry Boccara


    Thierry is a successful entrepreneur and the president of INEON Biotech. He is also Co-president and associate of BLUE SOFT GROUP.

    Christophe Pierrat


    Christophe has founded several IT Companies and he's very involved in LifeScience Industry. He is in charge of the business development and operations of INEON Biotech.

    Bruno Sargueil

    Scientific Advisor

    Bruno is the scientific expert of INEON Biotech and designed the software with developers especially for scientist . He is a CNRS member since 1995 and he already founded multiple biotech companies.

    Fabien Rico


    Fabien is the technical expert of INEON Biotech. He founded an IT company in 2002 and partenered with Bruno to develop the INEON software. He is an Engineer-Entrepreneur.