Compound, Data and Project Management Software


Compound, Data and Project Management Software

Compound management

Compound management

A collaboration between a researcher and developers

INEON S2 integrates logisticalphysicalchemical and structural information about each compounds of the laboratory ‘s library.

INEON S2 provides  information about the stocksupply and the value of your compound library.

Collect every information about each compound

INEON S2 can realize multiparametric researches in order for you to perform informative cross-checking.

The intuitive interface perfectly adapts to every scientific user and completely supports him during the course of the project.

Data and project Management

INEON reduces human error


INEON S2 manages automated robotic operations by importing or exporting standard files format (.sdf, .xls, .txt, …).

It performs statistical analysis, allowing you to collaborate easily with a provider.

A constant communication between both parts (compound and project).


A constant communication between both parts (compound and project).

Ineon S2

INEON S2 assists you with filtering campaigns (high speed), modifies the work list selection and follows your project from the beginning to the end.

This software can be adapted according to your needs in order to propose you a tailor-made solution.

Inventory management

Inventory Management

To avoid unpleasant surprises and accelerate your project !

Have a look at your stock

At each stage of the project, INEON S2 reminds you the available stock for each compound of the chemical series. You will never wait to receive a compound that was not ordered on time.



For every order and batch, obtain key information such as:

the date of order
the delivery date
the expiry date
the price and the purchased quantity 
the total available quantity 

Locate your compounds

Localizing your compound in just a few clicks

INEON offers a simple tool to list the various storage locations for compounds. Indicate precisely its location : building, room, cold room, freezer or shelf.

For gretter flexibility, specifying the location can be freely fill in by the user.

Locate your compounds
Find a specific compound isn't a chore.